Lighting Control

Our system can link into your existing WiseNet-compatible light controls to enable variable lighting schemes throughout an office floor. When checking in, the user can have their selected intensity of light adjusted automatically. On an entirely free-address floor, why not have variable lighting zones for different types of work? These can be passively selectable by employees as they walk onto the floor.

Air Conditioning Control

By measuring the number of occupants on a floor, we can accurately calculate and control the amount of clean air throughput required to comply with current regulations. Fresh clean air helps staff stay healthy, increases concentration and improves productivity. Air conditioning can automatically be ramped up and down as required during the day as occupancy changes. Why not have different temperature zones to suit individual preference or work activity?


Our unique wayfinding lights emit a low level ambient light against any surface, highlighting when seats, zones and areas are available to users. When your employees walk onto a floor, they can automatically head to their preferred area, knowing that there is a workspace available. The light glow can also be changed to indicate warmer or colder and noisier or quieter areas.

Meeting Room Status Lighting

Our system can indicate whether a meeting room is occupied or available via a low intensity light outside each room, particularly useful for non-bookable rooms. The light can be adjusted to any colour and give a simple indication of  whether it is occupied or vacant. The light automatically comes on when an occupant enters the room.

Occupancy Availability Indicators

Our WiseView live availability feed can be viewed on any internet-enabled device and through the WiseNet app. On arriving on a floor, large screens indicate which workspaces are available so the user only has to glance at the floorplan. On the app, the user can further browse any floor and search for available space across the organisation’s whole real estate portfolio worldwide, book the space or reserve it for a set period.

General Availability Indicators

Our WiseView live availability building matrix is predominantly for reception areas so that when entering the building users can easily identify busy floors, quiet floors and see what types of space are available to suit their specific tasks for the day. When used at an entrance to a floor, the matrix can be set to indicate categories that you require.

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