Ceiling router collects data from desk sensors

Individual occupancy (PIR)

Our unique PIR desk sensor is incredibly accurate at measuring workstations or bench desks, and because of its unique configurability, it is just as accurate when measuring sit/stand workstations.

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Discover how workplace occupancy sensors work

Room Occupancy

Our standard sensor measures 95 per cent of all occupancy that you need to measure in your workplace for you to understand how you use your space. That includes individual soft seating positions, whether or not a room is occupied and even whether individual meeting room seats are in use.

Individual Occupancy (Vibration)

For tricky situations, particularly standalone soft seating areas, we use our ultra-accurate vibration sensor.

Desk Height

The wellbeing of your employees is crucial to the success of your business. You may have installed sit/stand desks, but are they being used properly? Our sensors can measure not only the occupancy but also the height of sit/stand desks and evaluate how well they are being used. When a user arrives at his or her desk, our system can automatically adjust the desk height to their preferred setting.

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