Our ethos

Sound advice based on accurate data

Abintra are thought leaders in technology-led corporate office space utilisation measurement, evaluation and management.

Based on award-winning technology, our consultancy services give you unprecedented precision and real-time reporting about how your office space is being used. This illuminates the ways you could be using your real estate more effectively, not only for cost efficiency but also for creating improved, more flexible work spaces that contribute to wellbeing, recruitment and retention.

We understand that while real estate is an overhead, your people are an asset, and our people-friendly approach is designed to help you win their hearts and minds to ensure any transformation is understood and welcomed by all.

Whether you have already begun to adopt agile working and want to get to the next level or if you are curious to see what agile working could look like in your office environment, it is crucial to have accurate data and sound advice. We will help you to evaluate the art of the possible and to make the right decisions about working more flexibly and productively.

Our story

From pioneering start-up to world leader

Abintra was formed in 2001 by built environment professionals as a computer aided facilities management specialist, creating, developing and outsourcing spatial property portfolios for corporate customers.

The outsource benefit for our customers was the removal of anxiety about selecting the right software and the high cost of specialist staff to manage the solution. In addition, we provided management reporting, and ultimately developed portal solutions to allow managers to select or create ad-hoc reporting as and when required, 24/7.

This further drove our consultancy growth and the focus on utilisation. At that time, walk through surveys were the only way to collect data, and while these give accurate average utilisation figures, they are next to useless for understanding the area under the curve (i.e. what actually contributes to your utilisation results).

We set about creating something better. After much trial and error and significant development, we came up with the solution that we offer today, capable of measuring any element in your workspace, down to individual collaborative and soft seating positions.


What our customers think…

When you feedback accurate usage data and tie that in with your vision and design, you not only give people what they need in a work environment but get them involved and engaged in the process. Successful change means winning hearts and minds.

There are a number of products on the market that purport to measure workplace efficiency. Abintra stood out because their data and insights stood up to scrutiny and allowed us to make decisions about design and utilisation with confidence.


Trusted by more than 100 corporations and public sector clients worldwide

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