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Abintra’s book explains that accurate workplace data is key to managing hybrid working

Good decisions about how to apply hybrid working based on accurate data will be what sets apart successful organisations from also rans, says Abintra’s new book.

Managing the New Office Environment is written by Tony Booty, a joint founder of Abintra, which pioneered the use of desk sensor tech to monitor office utilisation a decade ago.

Based on a wealth of experience in more than 100 corporations worldwide, he sets out the pros and cons of different technologies and manual methods for monitoring the workplace.

As well as optimising space use, the book focuses on environmental monitoring with an emphasis on wellbeing.

The author answers challenging questions for organisations navigating the new hybrid workplace including the steps needed to manage change successfully and how to win over employees to the idea of agile working.

When it comes to who should be involved, he argues that workplace transformation should be a top-down process. Given the importance of the change to working practices and employee wellbeing, the CEO should drive the process, involving HR and IT as well as the financial and real estate teams to whom office layout and management decisions normally fall.

The 100-page book includes a ten-point checklist for deploying occupancy monitoring and a buyer’s guide to occupancy sensors as well as best practice examples and case studies.

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