Corporate bank

Typically, our clients have a great deal of experience of large scale or global corporate accommodation, and in many cases they are already invested in flexible working. Our technology and expertise is encouraging clients to look beyond what they have already achieved to the longer term and what’s next.

In this example, the real-estate team and C suite were already bought into the concept of flexible working, including home working. They were keen to look more deeply into the future of workplace, and to understand the expectations and requirements of younger generations. This led to implementing a permanent solution ahead of a large scale move to new corporate headquarters. The project involved accurately profiling the individual requirements of teams and groups ahead of the move.

This is a tried and tested solution for us, and our long experience in the field means we have similar case studies and data to draw upon. In this example, our expertise ensured the client’s new HQ was set up for a successful move. Our involvement didn’t stop there. It is anticipated that the new space will also adopt our Wisenet solution for ongoing work space management with an eye on integrating with the building and staff application support requirements.

The results

Accurate profiling of requirements ahead of major office relocation