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Desk Sensors Technology for Office Utilisation

Desk sensors detect when someone is sitting at a particular desk. Abintra pioneered the technology with our award-winning Wisenet desk sensors, and we continue to lead the field today.

We custom-designed and built our desk sensors specifically for workplace utilisation to give unprecedented accuracy.

When you collect data from Wisenet desk sensors and interrogate it with our purpose-engineered software, you can understand how you are using your office space in amazing detail.

Data from desk sensors is relayed to our software via ceiling-mounted routers over a dedicated wireless network, so security and data integrity are assured.

Be surprised

Clients are frequently surprised at how much space they could be turning to other purposes or to save on real estate office costs.

Unlike off-the-shelf PIR sensors, Abintra’s Wisenet desk sensor produces reliable data not only for conventional workstations but also bench desks and even sit-stand desks. It can even tell you what height a sit-stand desk is set at and automatically set a shared sit-stand desk to the individual preferences of different users.

When installed under meeting room tables or chairs, sensors can report on whether or not a room is occupied and even which individual meeting room seats are in use. Our meeting room router also doubles as a room occupancy indicator, illuminating to show if a meeting room is occupied or vacant.

Measure occupancy

Wisenet sensors can measure occupancy across 95 per cent of a conventional office floor and beyond. We’ve developed a vibration sensor to cover soft seating positions such as breakout lounges.

The latest development is a desk sensor that collects not only workplace utilisation data but also environmental data. That information about heat and light levels can be used to regulate air conditioning and lighting systems down to the individual desk level. It’s one of the ways that we are making smart buildings and IoT a reality in today’s corporate offices.

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