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If you are expanding, downsizing or moving, you’ll know that effective management is crucial to delivering a successful project. Even if you are staying put, there are significant advantages to having the best data and monitoring installed backed by expert advice on call.

At Abintra, we are dedicated to helping you manage your space more effectively, from making the right decision about installing new equipment to ensuring efficient use of your meeting rooms.

Our customers benefit from a 24-7 information portal that gives them real-time information about how space is being used. In desk sharing environments, the same display can be made available in public areas to help people find available desks and other workspaces.

One of the ways Abintra scores over off-the-shelf alternatives is in the precision with which we can pinpoint space usage. This comes into its own with meeting rooms, allowing us to accurately report on whether or not individual chairs in a meeting room are being used at any given time and over any time period you choose. No other system can match that level of precision. You can compare the resulting data to when meeting rooms are booked out to capture patterns of use and abuse. We have even developed a router connected to sensors in each meeting room that doubles as an occupied/available light outside the room.

As flexible working, activity based working, smart working and home working become more popular, our systems report on how your space is being used while instructing building management systems to adjust heating, lighting and other environmental parameters in line with actual occupancy. Your employees can now find all available spaces suitable to their workplace activity with a quick glance at a concierge screen or their mobile device. They also have the option to search for the closest suitable available space across your whole portfolio.

Our software has been built to integrate into CAFM – Computer Aided Facility Management – and BIM – Building Information Modelling – systems. Fully integrated API using wireless routers allows for a self-contained, secure system. While alternative systems depend on soon-to-be-redundant, and in some cases, unreliable technology, Abintra future proofs you for the next generation of IoT and smart buildings.

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