Our market-leading reporting portal offers filterable reports by building, floor, business unit, department, team and date as standard.

We report on maximums, minimums, averages and represent everything in easy to understand graphs, charts and tables that can be downloaded as PDF as required.

Bespoke reporting can be carried out when required for an additional personal experience.

The WiseNet reporting experience is available on any internet-enabled device

Real-time live view

When arriving in reception, your workforce can again with a simple glance see what resources are available across your entire building. Our screens can be changed to show anything you wish, the number of quiet rooms on the fourth floor, how many touchdown areas are on the sixth floor, which floor is quietest or perhaps how many seats are available in the canteen.

Environmental reporting

As well as historic reporting of your environmental measures to evaluate improved performance, we can report on live values across any sensor installed in your workplace.


Our APIs allow us to send and receive information to or from almost any other system.

As an example, for scheduling we can receive information from another room booking application regarding specific bookings and populate this information throughout our system and live availability screens. We can also send ‘actual’ occupancy information back to room booking applications so that they can release space back to the population for a ‘no show’ meeting.

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