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As a full service consultancy, we support our clients to unlock a raft of benefits related to corporate office space. From identifying potential cost savings to implementing office automation, we deliver substantial returns on investment. Those returns can be realised by the successful implementation of a real estate project, such as an office move or a switch to flexible working. They also extend to the ongoing efficient management of your spaces and more effective automation of building environments.

The adage has been kicking around for years that companies rarely utilise more than 50 percent of their office space, and this holds true today. Companies still spend vast amounts of capital on unused real estate while providing old, stale rigid ways of working for their most valuable asset, their people.


of office space is under utilised

Understanding your space

Identify areas for improvement

The first step to understanding how your workplace is currently used is to measure everything.

Our ‘DISCOVER’ service allows companies to delve deep and get a real, true understanding of how they use their workspaces. For very little capital outlay, we measure the use of all office space over a set period, (typically four weeks to remove any peaks and troughs). Data points are gathered as occupied or unoccupied, down to seconds, and these are sent to our market-leading utilisation portal for analysis. The portal offers reports, graphs and charts on maximums, minimums and averages, which are filterable by the client to any level they require.

Seeing meeting rooms booked out 100 percent of the time might look like they are an asset that is being well used, but if they are eight-seat rooms and only two seats are used for every meeting, then you are wasting resources. If a workstation’s average utilisation is 50 percent, that sounds like a straightforward waste of space, but it is more complicated than that. The space may be used only in the mornings or it may be used every other 30 minutes. Answers can easily be found in our reporting portal, enabling you to get straight to the detail required to answer all of your questions.
Good data and sound advice about how your office space is really being used is crucial. Organisations are frequently astonished to see just how much space they could free up. The same goes for gathering environmental data, an important precursor to automating environmental systems and setting the scene for smart buildings.

We provide expert analysis of data gathered by our world-beating WiseNet technology. It is precise, reliable and capable of reporting over varying time periods, giving us exactly the information we need to help you to plan for improvement, whether you wish to move location, stay put, become partially flexible or go for a full, free-address scenario.

Now that you’ve discovered how you’re really using your space, the next stage is to IMPROVE it.


Be enlightened. Find out how your office space is really being used with the most reliable data around and expert interpretation.


We give you the confidence to implement efficiencies, automate building systems and deliver HR and environmental benefits.


Expanding, downsizing, moving or reorganising? Use our unrivalled expertise and technology to manage your space more effectively.

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