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If you are expanding, rightsizing or moving, you’ll know that effective management is crucial to delivering a successful workplace. Even if you are reorganising, there are significant advantages to having your workplace measured continuously, backed up by expert advice on call.

Our ‘MANAGE’ service incorporates the installation of the WiseNet System, the backbone to all of our measurement and management offerings. The system is a self-healing (no loss of data) wireless mesh network that takes data from all of our sensor products and passes it to our reporting portal and management tools.


Workplace monitoring for effective management

Utilise your space

with the help of the WiseNet system

Our 24-7 information portal provides you with real-time information about how your space is being used. In desk sharing environments, we offer live floorplan views of available space, so staff can passively find a workplace setting that meets their current needs.

Our system can seamlessly link to your booking solution to add extra functionality and reporting, bumping no-show meetings back for general use or analysing meeting duration and occupancy to capture patterns of use and abuse.

We offer ambient meeting room availability lighting outside rooms that are for drop in, ad hoc use.

We offer a full set of environmental sensors and management tools so that you can be proactively managing your workplace rather than reacting.

We have an API that can link to other systems, including lighting and air conditioning, so that you can ensure lighting and temperature match tasks and occupancy at all times of day and night.

As flexible working, activity based working, smart working and home working become more popular, our systems report on how your space is being used while instructing building management systems to adjust heating, lighting and other environmental parameters in line with actual occupancy. Your employees can see available spaces with a quick glance at a concierge screen or their mobile device. They also have the option to search for the closest available space across your whole portfolio.

Our software has been built to integrate into CAFM – Computer Aided Facility Management – and BIM – Building Information Modelling – systems. A fully integrated API using wireless routers allows for a self-contained, secure system. While alternative systems depend on soon-to-be-redundant, and in some cases, unreliable technology, Abintra future proofs you for the next generation of IoT and smart buildings.

Now you’re really managing your real estate!


Be enlightened. Find out how your office space is really being used with the most reliable data around and expert interpretation.


 We give you the confidence to
implement efficiencies, automate
building systems and deliver HR and enviromental benefits.


Expanding, downsizing, moving or reorganising? Use our unirivalled expertise and technology to manage your space and effectively.

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