What makes WiseNet?

Making offices work

The WiseNet system consists of a dedicated, separate WiFi network, creating a self healing mesh that can take a feed from any of our purpose-built sensors. If any single item fails, other components jump in to solve the issue. Once installed, you can choose to add any environmental measures at any time, and there will be little or no need for new infrastructure, as everything goes through the same mesh network. We are very proud of the system, and with installations worldwide, we have not had a single failure of an installed system.

  • WiseNet is Self-healing

  • WiseNet is Worldwide

  • WiseNet is Robust


Measure office utilisation

The WiseNet system was the first office utilisation measuring system, and it remains the market leader. WiseNet’s unique configurable design allows measurement for all types of space, from individual seats to general rooms and complex areas that competitors are unable to measure.

Individual Occupancy (PIR)

Desk Height


Manage your environment

Our environmental sensors give you control of your environment from temperature to humidity, noise, light CO2 and particulates.


Carbon Dioxide





Automation & Passive Management

From lighting and AC to availability

Link our system to your lighting and AC controls, and give your people live information about seating and room availability.


Meeting Room Status Lighting

Air Conditioning Control

Occupancy Availability Indicators


General Availability Indicators


Outstanding data management tools

The WiseNet reporting portal is the central hub for all the data captured by our sensors. Fully filterable, it allows you to create a bespoke dashboard of reports, giving you the data you need to manage your office space.



Use our app or link to any scheduling system

Our mobile desk booking app allows users to find available space, to check in so that lighting and AC controls can be set to their needs and to book a seat anywhere in your office estate. Our API allows you to link to any third party scheduling system.

Scheduling Tools

System APIs

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