Workplace Innovation Videocast

Abintra videocast

Abintra’s David Maddison guested on the Workplace Innovation videocast in an episode entitled Shaping Tomorrow’s Office telling the story of how Abintra’s founders discovered a better way to measure office utilisation. Special thanks to Tim Fitch and Ashlynn Harvey at Invennt for inviting Abintra to take part and making it happen. Watch it here […]

Abintra in This Week in FM

Screen shot of article in This Week in FM

This Week in FM, the leading news service for the facilities, workplace and built environment community, cited our report on wasted office space in a piece on the Read the full piece here.

Measuring office occupancy: The issues with camera-based sensors

Modern office space without any people at work

The rise of hybrid working has led to a growing number of companies offering occupancy measurement for corporate real estate, but not all the technologies being employed are as reliable as their backers claim. As the pioneers of desk sensor technology for more than two decades, we have a proven solution that is delivering for […]

I know half of my office is empty. I just don’t know which half.

Audience shot at Abintra's event at haysmacintyre

What if you knew how your office space was being occupied. I mean really knew. One person who does is Pete Sayers, Director of Workplace and Project Management at global insurance company Aon. And he has the facts about when that space is in use every minute of every day, not just in a single location but […]

Acid in the office aircon kills Covid but we have a less drastic solution

The lethal threat from Covid has subsided, but enlightened employers will still be interested in ways to keep their workforce healthy. So this news caught our eye. Scientists from the Swiss Federal Institute of Techology have discovered that injecting nitric acid into a building’s air conditioning will kill SARS-COV-2 in less than 60 seconds. Normal […]

Abintra in Design and Build

Design and Build. the UK construction magazine, featured this online article by Abintra’s Tony Booty based on his book, Managing the New Office Environment Read the full piece here.

Five mistakes firms make when they measure office occupancy

By Tony Booty, Director, Abintra What do we do with our offices now? That’s the question many businesses are asking themselves in the hybrid working era. Smart managers realise the first step to making the right decision is to monitor how space is being used. But it’s easy to get that wrong. In my recently […]

Flexible working in the news

Our roundup of what’s hitting the headlines in the world of agile and flexible working Making flexible working the default The UK government is consulting on whether to make flexible working the default. Among the proposals are giving staff the right to request flexible arrangements from day one of their employment. The consultation closes on […]

Abintra in London Business Matters

London Business Matters, the magazine of the London Chamber of Commerce, showcased Abintra on our 20th anniversary in the Members’ Noticeboard section. Read the full piece here.